How motorcycle accidents happen

Dec 09

I’ve been riding motorcycles for more than twenty years now. I never feel more at home than when I’m out on the open road. I’ve made lots of friends in the motorcycling community through attending rides and meetups with other biking enthusiasts. Some of my closest friends in the community have been very unfortunate and found themselves in life-altering accidents while on the road. Two of my friends sustained serious injuries because another full-sized vehicle pulled out in front of them on a roadway while they were traveling at the speed limit.

This situation puzzled me as well as angered me. How could someone be so negligent that they don’t see a motorcyclist clearly coming right down the center of the road that they’re about to pull into? Are they just not paying attention? Perhaps there are more subtle aspects at play.

I found out that one thing that contributes to these accidents is a serious psychological phenomenon that happens between our eyes and our brain. If we were able to see the raw images that our eyes sent to our brains, we would probably be pretty freaked out. Most of the image would be blurry, there would be some blind spots, and the image would be upside down. The reason that the world we perceive is so in focus is that our brain chooses to focus on what’s important and also based on what we are expecting to see. This is an important thing to note as a driver on the road. While driving, most drivers do not own a motorcycle and have never ridden one. This contributes to bias within them. It causes drivers to expect to see other full-sized vehicles only on the road. When we see a motorcycle on the road we aren’t shocked, but we also aren’t looking out for them, considering that they may be driving around us. This means that when we pull up to a street and are looking for a clear coast before pulling out, it can take our brains a bit longer to process and recognize the image of a motorcycle, even though it is right in front of us. It’s harder to process the image just because we aren’t expecting it. This is important information for motorcyclists and drivers to understand. Drivers should take an extra second to watch out for motorcyclists. On the other hand, motorcyclists should recognize that drivers are often not anticipating a motorcycle on the road, and may have slower reaction times towards them.

Luckily, there are attorneys that specialize in dealing with motorcycle accidents. According to the Glover Law Firm, motorcyclists are much more exposed to injury in the event of an accident than other drivers. This means that their medical bills can be catastrophically high, even if they are involved in a relatively low-speed collision. Lawyers in this field of work are able to look at all the relevant aspects of an accident to prove who was negligent towards the other drivers on the road.

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