Being Arrested for Drunk Driving

Nov 02

Drunk driving is definitely a crime in any state, and rightly so. An impaired driver has an 11-fold risk of an accident compared to a sober driver, and presents a danger to themselves as well as others in property damage and personal injury. A Racine car accident lawyer, for example, would point out with complete accuracy that an injury to a third party resulting from driving under the influence (DUI) is completely preventable and constitutes a breach in the duty of care that every individual takes on when he or she gets behind the wheel of any motorized vehicle.

But while it is understandable why the enforcement of DUI laws in most states are stringent, there are instances when zeal takes the place of common sense and an appreciation of the facts. Take for example the case of an Arizona man who was pulled over for what appeared to be impaired driving and the police officer actually said he could tell the man was drunk “by looking into his eyes.” The man was brought into the police station to take a breathalyzer test which came back 0.0 blood alcohol content (BAC). Under most state laws, this would have earned him a walk there and then. Instead, his car was impounded and his license suspended. When all was said and done, he should not have been arrested in the first place.

According to the website of Austin criminal defense attorney Ian Inglis, it is possible for law enforcement to make a mistake; unfortunately, not all of them are willing to admit to it. If you have been charged with drunk driving, it would be in your best interest to insist on consulting a lawyer before saying or doing anything to protect your rights. You will avoid a whole lot of trouble later on if you take any arrest, false or otherwise, seriously.