Claiming Social Security Disability Benefits Getting Harder

Nov 05

As if it wasn’t bad enough before where 7 out of 10 claims for Social Security Disability Benefits were being initially denied, with the Social Security Administration (SSA) running out of funds, its belt is getting even tighter.

The SSA has been paying out progressively more disability benefits since the economic recession began, nearly $9 million in March 2013 which is an increase of 21% in the same period in 2007. The bill for disability benefits in 2010 was nearly $130 billion, compared to just $18 billion (inflation-adjusted for 2010) from just 40 years ago. The leapfrogging rate is rapidly draining the resources of the SSA, which estimates that at the present rate the SSA will be unable to pay full SS benefits by 2016.

Studies show that this sharply upward trend is not due to any significant deterioration of the average working American’s health. It is also noted that the increase in claims coincided during the time of the massive economic crisis. This indicates that many claims were made by people who were not really disabled at all.

It is unfortunately true that a good number of the unemployed are drawing disability payments in lieu of a paycheck for actual work, which is why the SSA has become much more discriminating about what applications warrant an approval. This is a big problem for workers who have a genuine need for financial need because of their disabilities but are at a loss about how to go about filing a successful claim. As characterized on the website of Hankey Law Office, the SSA is no longer the safety net it was designed to be at inception. Currently, the SSA is just another bureaucratic hurdle that deserving people need to traverse to receive the benefits they were promised and paid for when they were able-bodied.

If you are having difficulty in making a disability claim, you will need some professional assistance. Contact a Social Security disability claims lawyer in your area to help you get what you need and deserve.