Client Retention 101

Jun 08

You might have heard that the legal business is a competitive industry. But unless you are a lawyer (or someone like me, who has researched the industry at length), then it is not likely you know the full extent of the industry’s competitiveness.

Certain fields within the law are more competitive than others; constitutional law is a tough field to work in as a lawyer because there are simply not as many opportunities to practice constitutional law as there are opportunities to practice personal injury law, as an example. But that is not to say that personal injury law is a walk in the park. Of the more common private law fields to practice in, personal injury law is one of the most competitive.

In fact, entire industries have been built around personal injury law because the field is just so competitive! There are companies, like Intake Conversion Experts, who act as legal conversion experts to personal injury practices or firms. As consultants, they lend their knowledge about how to take a hesitant potential client and turn them into a trusted friend of the firm, giving the firm a lot of business in the process. The companies use things like client management tools to give people follow-up calls; many companies like Intake Conversion Experts also offer bilingual support so that a client’s language will not be a barrier to retention or conversion.

To me, though, client retention is much more interesting of a topic as compared to client conversion. While it makes sense that a company needs to take potential customers and turn them into reliable customers who use a law firm’s services, the methods for conversion in the legal business are not as unique as the methods for client retention.

To retain a client, a law firm has to be several things at the same time: respectful of deadlines, focused on their case, accommodating to the client’s needs, and so much more! Turns out, there have been entire businesses constructed around this need in the personal injury legal world just the same; agencies work to provide administrative work or cover miscellaneous tasks that might be relevant to retaining a client.

Some of the services that client retention-focused businesses offer to practices or law firms include:

  • Bilingual support
  • Outsource support for client intake
  • Administrative support for mass torts campaigns
  • Calling back lost leads
  • Many other options and tasks

Sometimes a law firm can have too many new clients to handle so client retention services will be hired on to take over the intake of new clients (signing paperwork, asking preliminary questions, etc.). Additionally, if a personal injury law firm wants to run a mass torts campaign — through which you advertise en masse the opportunity to sue a negligent company for producing a dangerous product — a third party company can handle the marketing or client qualification process. As I said, I am not a lawyer, I am just a person interested in the law. But if you are a lawyer and some of these services sound like a needed addition to your firm, check the opportunity out and do what is best for your best!